5 Reasons Why GTA Liberty City Stories is a Noteworthy Prequel

GTA Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories are both standalone titles that serve as prequels to Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City. While there is a debate among fans about which one is better, this article will focus on five reasons why Liberty City Stories stands out as a noteworthy prequel in the franchise.

Continuing the Lore of Liberty City:

The game is set in the fictional city of Liberty, which allows for the continuation of the lore of the location. The gameplay and aesthetics of GTA Liberty City Stories have a close resemblance to GTA 4, which is appreciated by many fans. The narrative of the game is also appealing as it tells players about the events that shaped the 2001 game. In comparison, Vice City Stories’ gameplay is more akin to San Andreas, which is a completely different game.

A Small yet Fulfilling Game:

Being a prequel, Liberty City Stories has the perfect story length when compared to Vice City Stories. The game has around 70 missions, which players can complete quickly due to its fast-paced gameplay. The number of side missions and activities is also limited. In contrast, Vice City Stories frequently forces players to participate in gang wars, defending areas, and other activities that can be tedious and distracting at times.

Limited Cutscenes:

Developers have added fewer cutscenes in LCS than in Vice City Stories, primarily to address players’ tendency to skip them and continue playing. The characters in GTA Liberty City Stories simply stand and talk throughout the event, with no complex camera movements or special effects. This is greatly appreciated by players who dislike long cutscenes in games.

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Improved Graphics of Liberty City:

Rockstar Games addressed the issue of Liberty City being dark and gloomy in Grand Theft Auto 3 by making it more vibrant and lifelike in Liberty City Stories. The graphics improvements in Vice City Stories are minimal in comparison to LCS. Vice City appears almost identically colorful and vibrant in both games, with only a few minor improvements here and there in the prequel.

Driving-centric Game:

Liberty City Stories is a driving-focused game, which follows the original lore of hardcore players. Rockstar Games reduced the number of flying vehicles in GTA 3 due to real-world factors, and Liberty City Stories also followed suit. However, the developers added many new flyable vehicles in Vice City Stories, which is a departure from the original lore. While Vice City Stories allows players to swim, it makes no sense as a prequel to Vice City, where swimming was not a feature.


In conclusion, while there may be a debate among fans over which prequel is better, GTA Liberty City Stories stands out as a noteworthy prequel in the franchise. The game continues the lore of Liberty City, has the perfect story length, limited cutscenes, improved graphics, and is a driving-focused game that follows the original lore. These are just a few reasons why it is worth playing for any Grand Theft Auto fan.

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