Adai Mazhai Kaalam OTT Release Date

“Adai Mazhai Kaalam” is a highly anticipated movie directed by Karthik Shamalan and starring Loga Varman and Thia Lakshana. Fans and followers of Loga Varman are eagerly awaiting the release of “Adai Mazhai Kaalam.” In this article, we provide all the details about the movie’s release date and time on Netflix, the popular OTT platform.

Adai Mazhai Kaalam Overview Movie

Movie TitleAdai Mazhai Kaalam
DirectorKarthik Shamalan
StarringLoga Varman, Thia Lakshana, Evarani, Sasitharan K Rajoo, Ruvela, Vicky Rao, K.S. Maniam
Music byShameshan Mani Maran
Theatre Release DateJanuary 26, 2023
OTT Release DateJune 11, 2023
Streaming PlatformNetflix
Film IndustryTamil Film Industry

Adai Mazhai Kaalam OTT Release Date on Netflix

Netflix is the leading online platform for movie releases in today’s scenario. People prefer watching movies online without any interruptions, and Netflix serves as an exceptional platform for that. The eagerly awaited movie “Adai Mazhai Kaalam” is scheduled to release on Netflix on June 11, 2023. Subscribe to Netflix and enjoy watching this captivating movie.

When is Adai Mazhai Kaalam Movie Coming out on Netflix?

Many people are excited to watch “Adai Mazhai Kaalam” online due to its intriguing trailer and distinctive plot. The movie has generated significant interest among viewers, and they eagerly await its release date. “Adai Mazhai Kaalam” is set to be released on June 11, 2023. Fans and followers can enjoy watching the movie online from this date onwards on Netflix, the prominent online platform of today’s scenario.

Adai Mazhai Kaalam Movie Cast

The movie features an impressive cast that brings the characters to life. The lead cast of “Adai Mazhai Kaalam” includes:

  • Loga Varman
  • Thia Lakshana
  • Evarani
  • Sasitharan K Rajoo
  • Ruvela
  • Vicky Rao
  • K.S. Maniam
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Where To Watch Adai Mazhai Kaalam Online?

“Adai Mazhai Kaalam” will be exclusively released on the popular OTT platform, Netflix. Fans and followers of Loga Varman can watch the movie online on Netflix. By subscribing to the paid subscription of Netflix, viewers can enjoy the movie without any difficulties.

How to Watch Adai Mazhai Kaalam?

In the current era of technological advancements, movies are primarily released online. To watch “Adai Mazhai Kaalam” online, viewers can subscribe to the paid subscription of Netflix. By doing so, they can enjoy the movie without any interruptions. Netflix provides a seamless streaming experience, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the captivating world of “Adai Mazhai Kaalam.”


“Adai Mazhai Kaalam” is a highly anticipated movie set to release on June 11, 2023, on Netflix. Fans and followers of Loga Varman are excited to watch this movie online. With its engaging storyline, talented cast, and availability on Netflix, “Adai Mazhai Kaalam” promises to provide an entertaining and enjoyable cinematic experience. Subscribe to Netflix and mark the release date on your calendar to enjoy this thrilling movie. Gather your family and friends to join you in watching “Adai Mazhai Kaalam” and make it a memorable experience.

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