Addison Rae Joins Ryan Reynolds, Jason Momoa, and Aubrey Plaza in “Animal Friends” Film

Addison Rae, the TikTok star and breakout actress from Netflix’s 2021 rom-com “He’s All That,” has landed a new role in the live-action/animation hybrid film “Animal Friends.” Legendary is producing the film, which boasts an all-star cast, including Ryan Reynolds, Jason Momoa, Aubrey Plaza, Vince Vaughn, and now, Rae.

Undeniable “Charm and Promise” Secures Multi-Movie Deal

Following Rae’s standout performance in “He’s All That,” Netflix signed her for a multi-movie deal. The platform’s Director of Family Film, Naketha Mattocks, praised the influencer’s undeniable “charm and promise.”

Leading Roles in Thanksgiving Horror Film and Animal Friends

Apart from her mysterious role in “Animal Friends,” Rae has landed a leading part in Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving horror film, set to release later this year in mid-November. The upcoming grindhouse horror film takes place in Plymouth, Massachusetts, during the holidays, though a serial killer makes it their mission to ruin the festive celebrations. However, nothing is known about Rae’s part in the film as of yet.

Key Details on Animal Friends Film

Though details about the plot of “Animal Friends” remain under lock and key, sources familiar with the project told Deadline that Addison Rae will portray one of the main live-action roles. Director Peter Atencio, known for his work on “Key and Peele” and “Keanu,” is helming the R-rated feature based on a road trip script from Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider. Visual effects company DNEG, whose credits include “Bullet Train” and “Scream 6,” will manage the animation and VFX.

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Exciting Future in Film

With her impressive performances in “He’s All That” and “Animal Friends,” Addison Rae’s future in the film business looks bright. Her undeniable “charm and promise” have earned her a multi-movie deal with Netflix, and she continues to land leading roles in high-profile films. Rae is certainly one to watch in the coming years.


Addison Rae has added yet another impressive role to her resume, joining an all-star cast in the upcoming “Animal Friends” film. With her breakout role in “He’s All That” and leading parts in Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving horror film and now “Animal Friends,” Rae’s future in the film business looks promising. Her undeniable charm and talent have earned her a multi-movie deal with Netflix, and it’s clear that she is one to watch in the coming years. Fans of Rae and the other talented actors involved in “Animal Friends” eagerly anticipate more details about the film’s plot and release date.

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