Barry Season 4: Final Season with 8 Episodes and Release Schedule on HBO

Barry Season 4 marks the conclusion of the popular series featuring Bill Hader as a hitman. Co-created by Hader and Alec Berg, the show revolves around a former Marine-turned-assassin who, tired of a life filled with killing, discovers a newfound passion for acting in Los Angeles. It explores the journey of a pathological liar and psychopath as he immerses himself in the art of assuming different identities.


Throughout the series, we witness the protagonist’s encounters with the Chechen mob, his complex relationships with them, the ruthless elimination of those close to him for self-preservation, and his eventual loss of control leading to his capture by the police in Season 3. Now, as the story nears its end, it’s essential to understand what to expect from Barry Season 4, including the number of episodes and their release schedule on HBO.

Number of Episodes

Barry Season 4 consists of a total of eight episodes.

Release Schedule:

Unlike some other popular shows such as House of the Dragon, Succession, and The Last of Us, all episodes of Barry Season 4 will not be available for binge-watching at once. Instead, they will be released gradually. Here is the complete release schedule for the new season:

  1. Episode 1: ‘yikes’ – April 16
  2. Episode 2: ‘bestest place on earth’ – April 16
  3. Episode 3: ‘you’re charming’ – April 23
  4. Episode 4: ‘it takes a psycho’ – April 30
  5. Episode 5: ‘tricky legacies’ – May 7
  6. Episode 6: ‘the wizard’ – May 14
  7. Episode 7: ‘a nice meal’ – May 21
  8. Episode 8: ‘wow’ – May 28
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Fans should be aware that Barry Season 4 will be the final season of the show. Although the season started with a double-bill, viewers should not expect to see much more of Barry beyond Episode 8, as the series officially concludes. In an interview with Variety, the creator shared insights into the season, emphasizing the unanswered questions and the characters’ development. While Season 4 introduces structural changes, it aligns with the natural progression of the story, ultimately leading to its conclusion.

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