Boruto Chapter 81 spoilers and release date: Shikamaru becoming Hokage

After a three-month hiatus, Boruto chapter 81 spoilers are finally available, and the manga is making its long-awaited return. However, this time, things will be different. After the eagerly anticipated time jump in the series, the series is now formally known as Boruto: “Two Blue Vortex.” The character designs for Sarada and Boruto, the manga’s central couple, were revealed with the time skip, leaving all of the fans in wonder. However, we won’t go into detail on the character designs in this article. To learn more about the spoilers, keep reading the article.

Boruto Chapter 81 spoilers and release date

The manga series has officially entered its time-skip period with the release of spoilers for Boruto chapter 81. Sasuke won’t be in the next chapter of the manga, which comes as a disappointment to fans who were anxiously anticipating Boruto and Sasuke’s comeback. The leaks, however, gave some indication of what was scheduled to occur first following the time jump and what had occurred throughout the interval of time. Evidently, Shikamaru Nara succeeded Naruto Uzumaki as the Eighth Hokage following the “death” of the Seventh Hokage, Naruto. The first scene of Boruto chapter 81, named Boruto, takes place in the Hokage office and features a disgruntled-looking Sarada Uchiha.

Boruto chapter 81 spoilers

She and Shikamaru are shown bickering in the scenario, and Shikamaru is donning the cloak of the Hokage. At the conclusion of Boruto Part 1, Kawaki deceived everyone into believing that Naruto Uzumaki, the Seventh Hokage, had been murdered by Boruto. Kawaki had actually imprisoned Naruto and Hinata in another dimension. There is a chance Shikamaru Nara has temporarily assumed the role of Hokage given that the Hidden Leaf Village would undoubtedly require a new Hokage. However, given that everyone thinks Naruto is dead, that would be absurd. There was therefore no justification for anyone to accept a temporary position.

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Spoilers for the manga show Sarada Uchiha debating Shikamaru regarding Boruto’s guilt. Eida was able to do something concrete, thus she was unable to persuade him. Shikamaru expressed concern about Sarada’s safety as a Shinobi while she responded that the Seventh Hokage, not Sarada, is her role model. Although Sarada has nearly always addressed Naruto by his title, the emphasis she used while saying it may have been a hint that Shikamaru was now the Eighth Hokage. The manga also disclosed several character designs while making hints as to what particular characters had been up to throughout the time leap. Sumire is visible in her new outfit, which features a dress over a shirt and tie.

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