Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Dungeon: Release date, and start time

Destiny 2 Season 21, also known as Season of the Deep, is set to introduce a new Dungeon. While the details about the new endgame activity are still under wraps, here’s what we know so far about the new Destiny 2 Dungeon.

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Dungeon Details

Name of the SeasonSeason of the Deep
Type of endgame activityDungeon
Release dateMay 26, 2023, at 10 AM PT
Power level requirementNot yet known, but expected to be set at 1800
Setting of the new DungeonPossibly underwater-themed
Expected challengesStrategic, teamwork-dependent, with new mechanics
Expected rewardsNew Pinnacle rewards, providing a new path to max Power

Release Date & Start Time

The new Dungeon is scheduled to go live at 10AM PT on Friday, May 26, and will appear in the director right away, allowing Fireteams to load in and start tackling the latest endgame challenges.

Power Level Requirement

The exact Power level requirement for the new Dungeon is not yet known. However, since Bungie has confirmed that Season of the Deep won’t be increasing the Power cap, it is likely that the new Dungeon will be set at the Powerful Cap of 1800. This will still provide room for new Pinnacle rewards, offering another path to max Power.


While Bungie has not revealed much about the new Dungeon, we can expect it to offer a smaller slice of strategic, teamwork-dependent fun than Raids. With Fireteams of three instead of six and smaller areas with just one or two new mechanics, the new Dungeon will challenge Guardians once again.

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The New Dungeon Setting

Although the details are still under wraps, a brief few seconds of footage revealed in the first Season of the Deep teaser suggest an underwater-themed Dungeon. Bungie teased, “Deputy Commander Sloane has returned. Something big is lurking in the depths.”

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The new Destiny 2 Dungeon in Season of the Deep offers PVE fans a new endgame mystery to grind through. While we wait for further details to emerge, we can expect the new Dungeon to offer new challenges and rewards, with an underwater-themed setting that promises to be exciting.

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