Dheera Movie Starring Akhil Akkineni Release Date

Akhil Akkineni, the popular Telugu film actor, was left disappointed with the box office performance of his latest film “Agent.” Despite his dedication and hard work, the film’s failure did not go down well with him. However, Akhil’s talent has earned him the trust of other reputed production houses in the industry.

UV Creations signs Akhil for new project “Dheera”:

One such production house is UV Creations, which has signed Akhil Akkineni for their upcoming film “Dheera.” The film will be launched soon and will be directed by a young individual who has previously worked on the film “Saaho.” Although the film’s budget is substantial, UV Creations is taking a careful approach this time, planning meticulously without overspending.

Akhil’s talent still appreciated:

Despite the failure of “Agent,” UV Creations believes in Akhil’s talent and is confident about his ability to deliver a great performance. The production house has faith in him and has signed him up for their new project.

“Dheera” to cater to Akhil Akkineni’s market:

“Dheera” is set to be a big project but will remain within the Akhil Akkineni market. With his talent and dedication, the film is expected to do well and may even help him move on from the disappointment of “Agent.”


Akhil Akkineni’s latest project “Dheera” with UV Creations is a sign of his talent being appreciated in the industry, despite the disappointment of his previous film. With the film being planned meticulously and staying within the Akhil Akkineni market, it has the potential to do well and help him bounce back.

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