Final Fantasy 16: what abilities to use and master?

Which is the best design in Final Fantasy 16? There are a lot of battles in the game, so there is a lot to learn. That’s why we’re here to help and give advice. In Final Fantasy XVI,

Combat is deep and complex. You can transfer your skills from one Eikon tree to another with an almost endless amount of customization options throughout the game.

You also have access to a variety of capabilities, some of which are amazing and others designed for multiple or single purposes. There are many things to follow and many different things to understand before you can build it properly.

If you’re feeling a little lost in the game, don’t worry. We give you the designs we use later in the game. This will help you begin to understand general design needs or what elements need to be highlighted to create a style that is uniquely yours.

Final Fantasy 16 Clive Skill: What Should You Use?Final Fantasy 16: what abilities to use and master?

There are many ways to improve your Clive based on abilities. Some are better at scaring the enemy than inflicting massive damage. Others focus on multiple enemies, and some target the same target with a lot of health.

Moreover, Final Fantasy XVI’s combat is more complex.

For example, each Eikon tree has one physical ability, three normal abilities, and one ultimate ability. But if you invest enough potential points into the action, you can move them from one Eikon tree to the next. That’s why it’s important to know your abilities.

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With that in mind, what should you build and what do we see as the best? Here are the results from my 40 hours of play and what I found worked for me:

Shiva: Impulse (Bahamut, Mastery), Satellite (Bahamut, Mastery)

Garuda: Hypnosis (Shive, Mastery) Mastery), Ignite (Ifrit) , Mastery)

Phoenix : Windup (Titan, Mastery), Gigaflare (Bahamut, Mastery)

I chose Shiva, Phoenix, and Garuda over other Eikons because these three can work in the middle of the move.

Or get Garuda’s Deadly Embrace and lure the enemy to your side. This move is important because it allows you to jump quickly on the battlefield and can keep your combos alive.

Final Fantasy XVI Rotation Ability

This is where I usually use my abilities against enemies, and here’s the turn to use everything. Starting from the

Shiva Eikon tree, I threw blows and moons. This automatically causes more damage over time.

Then I switch to Garuda and use Mesmerize to attract the enemy. After chapter

, I’ll use Ignition and shovel as many enemies as I can in my way. .

If you fight a real enemy or boss, I would use Gigaflare as my finisher.

This model is versatile and can deal a lot of damage to each other and to multiple targets. I routinely deal over 60,000 damage while the boss is staggering.

Still, it’s more effective against sick enemies because Ignition is a very powerful move, especially when combined with Hypnosis, Satellites, and Pulse. I will destroy enemy units in seconds while continuing to fight the boss.

Additional decisions

This model only appears in the middle of the game, during which you can use the abilities of Shiva and Bahamut, and you will also get enough points to make each type. However, if you work hard in that direction throughout the game, you will get there and be able to destroy the enemies.

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This may not be the best place to play, but there is a lot of equipment.

You can abandon the bear in favor of different final possibilities. Investing in multiple skills is expensive and takes a long time to cool, so you may find yourself without the ability to waste for a long time.

However, as more and more players take the game and install this awesome combat system, we’ll be sure to update the article as we think it’s the best.

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