Fortnite Reintroduces Trios Mode to Delighted Players

Fortnite‘s Trios mode, initially inspired by Apex Legends, gained immense popularity since its introduction in Chapter 2. However, fans were disappointed when Epic Games abruptly removed the mode from Battle Royale and Zero Build playlists. In a surprising turn of events, Epic has now brought back Trios, bringing relief and joy to the Fortnite community.

Trios Mode Returns to Fortnite

According to a recent tweet by the Fortnite-dedicated Twitter account HYPEX, Trios mode has made its comeback in all non-competitive game modes. While it’s unclear whether the return is temporary or permanent, the community has responded with excitement, as evident from the enthusiastic replies to HYPEX’s announcement.

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Mixed Reactions and Speculations:

Twitter users flooded the replies with comments expressing their discontent over the previous removal of Trios. Some players remain puzzled by the reasons behind the vaulting of the mode. Speculations suggest that Epic may have temporarily removed Trios to prevent overwhelming server loads with the introduction of Ranked Play. Nevertheless, Fortnite’s dedicated fan base is thrilled with the latest turn of events.

Trios’ Evolution in Fortnite:

Originally, Trios was introduced as a limited-time mode during Chapter 2 Season 5. Players quickly fell in love with the format, as it eliminated the need to assemble squads of four for team play. This shift offered a more manageable option for groups of three, leading to the mode’s widespread appeal.

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Hope for Trios’ Future:

Players who enjoy playing in groups of three can now rejoice, hoping that Trios will remain a permanent fixture in Fortnite. The return of this beloved mode signifies Epic Games’ responsiveness to the desires of their dedicated community.


Fortnite’s Trios mode, which drew inspiration from Apex Legends, has been reinstated after a brief hiatus. The reintroduction has elicited positive reactions from players, who are delighted to have the opportunity to team up in groups of three once again. As the community eagerly awaits further updates, it is clear that Trios holds a special place in the hearts of Fortnite enthusiasts.

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