GTA Online Gun Van: 10 May 2023 Location and Weapon Stock

GTA Online, a popular video game, has recently released a new update called the Los Santos Drugs War. This update includes a new business, the Acid Lab, new vehicles, and several new jobs, including the First Dose missions. Rockstar Games, the game developers, have also introduced a new feature called the Gun Van, which contains some of the best weapons in the game. In this article, we will provide all the necessary information about the Gun Van’s location and the weapons it offers.

GTA Online Gun Van Daily Location

The Gun Van is a vehicle that carries some of the best weapons, which were previously only available at Ammu-Nation. This van appears in various locations around Los Santos, and players must find it to access the weapons. Unlike GTA 4’s Little Jacob, this is not a service that can be called to arrive at a player’s location. The Gun Van’s location is not visible on the mini-map unless the player is near it or subscribes to GTA+. As of May 10, 2023, the Gun Van can be found on Popular Street near the Del Perro Freeway.

GTA Online Gun Van Weapon Stock

The Gun Van is home to some of the best weapons available in GTA Online, including the newly released Railgun. However, players should not expect a discount just because they are not using Ammu-Nation, as the weapons are still costly. The current stock of weapons available at the Gun Van includes the following:

  1. Knife
  2. Baseball Bat
  3. Nightstick
  4. Up-n-Atomizer
  5. Heavy Sniper
  6. Widowmaker
  7. Railgun
  8. Sticky Bombs
  9. Molotovs
  10. Proximity Mine
  11. Body Armor
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It is worth noting that Rockstar Games may change the Gun Van’s stock as a way to balance the game. Players should keep an eye out for any updates on the Gun Van’s stock and mechanics.

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GTA Online’s Gun Van is a valuable addition to the game, offering players the chance to access some of the best weapons available. With its unpredictable location and costly weapons, players must keep an eye out for the Gun Van to get their hands on these weapons. The Gun Van’s location is currently on Popular Street near the Del Perro Freeway, and the weapons available include the Railgun, Heavy Sniper, and more. Keep checking back for any updates on the Gun Van’s stock and mechanics.

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