Honkai Star Rail Player Discovers Dangerous Death Stranding Easter Egg

Honkai Star Rail, a popular gacha game in India, has gained a significant following since its release in late April 2023. Within a single day, the game garnered an impressive 20 million downloads, surpassing the previous record set by Genshin Impact. As the player count continues to grow, more and more users are discovering references to other franchises within the game. One such discovery was made by a player who stumbled upon an intriguing item referencing Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding.

The Discovery

A Reddit user by the name of hiero_ shared a screenshot on the Honkai Star Rail subreddit, showcasing a mysterious mission item. This item, known as the “Mini-Neutron Bomb,” can be obtained by interacting with packages scattered throughout Xianzhou Luofu. The game describes this item as a “small nuclear weapon,” implying its potential danger.

Uncertainty and Speculation:

While the players of Honkai Star Rail were intrigued by the Mini-Neutron Bomb, they were uncertain about its purpose. The description accompanying the item suggests throwing it into a lake, but the game currently lacks an appropriate body of water. Nevertheless, some players recognized this peculiar item as an Easter Egg referencing Death Stranding. In one of the quests of Hideo Kojima’s game, the protagonist disposed of a nuclear weapon by tossing it into a lake.

Player Reactions

Honkai Star Rail players expressed a range of reactions to the discovery. ExistentialSugarcane wrote, “Next time someone tries to Jarilio-VI us, we know what to do. All we need to do is find a nice place to hide something.” This comment suggests that players might utilize the Mini-Neutron Bomb as a means of defense. Another player, MuffinMakyr, humorously asked, “I mean… We already had a nuke inside us, what more harm could carrying another one do?”

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Awaiting the Update:

As the gacha game’s Version 1.1 update approaches, players eagerly anticipate whether the mystery surrounding the Mini-Neutron Bomb will be resolved. Perhaps the introduction of a suitable body of water in the game world will provide a clue about its usage. Until then, players can only speculate about the potential significance and impact of this intriguing Death Stranding Easter Egg within Honkai Star Rail.

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