How to Beat Thunder Gleeok in Tears of the Kingdom?

The Thunder Gleeok, a formidable boss in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, poses a challenging encounter for players. To overcome this electrifying three-headed dragon and emerge victorious, careful preparation and strategic execution are necessary. This guide provides a detailed strategy to defeat Thunder Gleeok, ensuring a successful outcome in the thrilling game.


Before confronting Thunder Gleeok, it is crucial to gather a sufficient supply of arrows. These arrows play a vital role in incapacitating the boss during the battle. As Thunder Gleeok is associated with thunder and lightning, it is important to avoid using metallic equipment, opting instead for non-conductive weapons like Boko Bows and Construct Bows.

Additionally, it is recommended to prepare shock-resistant elixirs or acquire shock-resistant armor such as the Rubber Armor set. These protective measures will enhance your resistance against Thunder Gleeok’s formidable attacks. Furthermore, preparing restorative meals to replenish health during the battle is essential for endurance.

Phase 1: Stun and Attack

During the initial phase of the battle, Thunder Gleeok will unleash an electric beam from all three of its heads. Your objective is to evade this beam and stun each head with a well-aimed arrow. Utilize elevated surfaces to engage bullet-time and improve your accuracy, or employ a Keese Eyeball to lock onto the heads. Once the heads are immobilized, swiftly inflict damage using melee weapons.

Repeat this process until Thunder Gleeok transitions into its second phase.

Phase 2: Ascend and Attack

In the second phase, Thunder Gleeok ascends to a height unreachable by arrows. It summons lightning bolts from the sky, which strike the ground and create fissures generating gusts of wind. To counter this, utilize your paraglider within one of these gusts to ascend towards Thunder Gleeok and resume attacking its heads.

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It is crucial to remain vigilant against stray lightning attacks and avoid depleting your stamina bar. Time slows down in this phase, providing an advantage in battle.

Finishing Blow

Once all three heads are stunned again, Thunder Gleeok plummets to the ground, creating an opportunity for a finishing blow. Seize this moment and deliver a final strike. As a reward, Thunder Gleeok yields valuable fusion items such as Gleeok Wings and Gleeok Thunder Horns, which possess immense power.


With careful preparation and precise execution of the strategy outlined above, players can overcome the formidable Thunder Gleeok in Tears of the Kingdom. By utilizing the right weapons, elixirs, and armor, as well as employing effective tactics in each phase of the battle, victory can be achieved. Defeating Thunder Gleeok is a significant milestone in the game, signaling progress and unlocking new possibilities in the captivating world of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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