Is Shahad Farmhouse Incident Fake Or Real? Truth Behind Viral Video

Do you know anything about the recent Farmhouse scam? Some people might be relevant to this scam. This scam is happening in many places in India right now. This is one of the biggest scams which is happening to people right now. But now today we are going to learn about the recent farmhouse scam which took place in Noida. Recently, there has been a case out on the news that the allotment of the farmhouse in Noida has been handed over to the Lokayukta just to investigate charges of corruption. The government of Uttar Pradesh has passed an order that from now that the “Status quo” will be maintained in the total 150 farms which were allotted at the time of the Mayawati regime. Read this whole article to not know about this whole topic and do not try to skip any part of this article so you don’t miss any single detail of this topic.

Is Shahad Farmhouse Incident Fake Or Real?

According to the source, there has been a letter issued to the Noida CEO “Sanjeev Saran”. The government has issued a statement that the all the activities such as construction should be stopped till the inquiry into the alleged large-scale irregularities completes. Continue reading.


The letter was sent through the Infrastructure and industrial development commissioner “Anil Kumar Gupta’s” office which is located in Lucknow. The CEO of Noida has been issued by officials of departments to not take any action til his orders. According to this statement, now not any single owner is able to get the layout plans till the government passes them and till the registrations are also not allowed. the government of Uttar Pradesh has referred the inquiry to the Noida farmhouse scam to the Uttar Pradesh Lokayukta, NK Mehrotra. This has been issued after the authority submitted preliminary reports which allege a financial loss of a total of rupees 1,000 crore.

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Shahad Farmhouse Incident Fake Or Real

If we look at the reports, which are issued by Rakesh Bahadur who is chairman of the Noida Authority chairman and Mohinder Singh who is a former Noida CCEO, along with there other 14 responsible members have issued for the large sale regulation in the allotment. It is going to be till the complete process of inquiry. According to the source, the owners have to maintain the status quo on the plots. They cannot start up the process of construction or they even cant sale the plot. This has been said by Sanjeev Saran.

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