Overwatch 2 Invasion in full effect as Null Sector ships appear on PVP maps

Overwatch 2 Invasion is fully active, unusual sector ships are now appearing on many PVP maps to support the next PvE game mode.

Overwatch 2 mid-season patch has been released and it brings a lot of changes and tweaks to the game. From various power-ups and debuffs to popular heroes returning from the Summer Olympics, fans have a lot to enjoy.

As Season 5 continues, developers are gearing up for the long-awaited PvE invasion of Season 6. Now, many anticipated Zone Zero ships will make their direct in-game debut, appearing on various PvP maps.

Although not featured in the July 11 scenario, players quickly spot airships as they appear in the sky across various PvP maps.

Here is a map of the major ships that have appeared so far:

  • Kings Row
  • New Queen Street
  • Paraiso
  • Midtown
  • Colosseo

Perhaps not surprisingly, it has found a new king. The Right Way, because it has been announced that two of the three PvE missions will take place in Rio de Janeiro and Toronto, where the map is located.

However, along with another “invaded” map, it could perhaps revive more PvE missions that haven’t happened yet.

It looks like this addition will provide impetus for the previous season of Overwatch 2 Invasion, as the PvE game mode pits players against the Null Sector. The first batch of story missions will do some additional world building to help support the overall narrative of the Overwatch universe.

As we get closer to Season 6 of the Crime, the developers will be able to add more trucks as we finish because more space is needed in the final weeks of Season 5. when you play the game.

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