Phil Coorey is married to Fleur Anderson: Who Is Fleur Anderson?

Phillip Coorey is a highly accomplished Australian journalist, currently holding the esteemed position of political editor at The Australian Financial Review. His journey in federal politics reporting commenced in 1998 when he started as a political correspondent for The Advertiser. His career has been marked by diverse experiences, including a two-year stint as a New York correspondent for News Corp Australia in 2003. After his time in New York, he returned to Canberra as The Advertiser’s political editor. In 2006, Coorey took on the role of chief political correspondent for Fairfax Media’s The Sydney Morning Herald, where he made a significant impact.

Coorey’s ability to cultivate influential contacts across the political spectrum and break important political stories earned him a reputation as a journalist of high caliber. His excellence in Canberra press gallery reporting was recognized through the Paul Lyneham Award, which he won in both 2012 and 2013. In 2012, Coorey made a pivotal move to The Australian Financial Review, a sister publication, signaling a new phase in his career. He is a familiar face on political panel television programs like Insiders and Speers Tonight, where he provides expert insights and analysis on current political affairs. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Coorey is married to Fleur Anderson, a fellow journalist. The couple shares a passion for dog rescue initiatives. While Coorey maintains an active presence on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, he is respectful of the boundaries that safeguard his personal privacy.

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