Pokemon Go Trainer’s Incredible Catch: Shiny Shundo Mewtwo from Shadow Raid

In a remarkable turn of events, a dedicated Pokemon Go player achieved an extraordinary feat by capturing a Shiny Shundo Mewtwo during a Shadow Raid. The odds of such a catch are incredibly low, making this accomplishment truly exceptional. The player shared their achievement on the Pokemon Go subreddit, generating awe and admiration among the community.

Limited-Time Appearance of Shadow Mewtwo in Shadow Raids

From Saturday, May 27, 2023, at 10 AM local time until Sunday, May 28, 2023, at 8 PM local time, Pokemon Go users have a limited window to encounter Shadow Mewtwo in Shadow Raids. This Legendary Pokemon’s appearance in Raid Battles is a first-time occurrence, and players are urged to seize this opportunity promptly.

Shadow Mewtwo: A Coveted Pokemon:

Previously, players could only obtain Shadow Mewtwo after defeating Team Rocket Boss Giovanni. However, the inclusion of Shadow Mewtwo in Raid Battles has added an exciting new dynamic to the game. Trainers can now strive to capture this sought-after Pokemon through the challenging Shadow Mewtwo Raid.

A Trainer’s Unbelievable Achievement:

A Reddit user named maglarius astounded the Pokemon Go community by sharing a screenshot of their remarkable catch. Not only did they capture a Mewtwo during the Shadow Raid, but it was also an incredibly rare Shiny Shundo Mewtwo. This is an exceptional combination, as a Shundo refers to a Shiny Pokemon with a perfect Individual Value (IV) score of 100 in the mobile game.

The Rarity of the Shiny Shundo Mewtwo:

The Reddit user mentioned that their last Shundo catch occurred two to three years ago, emphasizing how rare and remarkable this achievement truly is. Some dedicated players have been playing since 2016 and have yet to experience the joy of obtaining a Shundo Pokemon. The rarity of this catch further adds to its significance within the Pokemon Go community.

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Community Reactions and Calculating the Odds:

The Pokemon Go subreddit was abuzz with awe and amazement as fellow trainers marveled at the player’s achievement. One user, 10BritishPounds, hailed the captured Shiny Shundo Mewtwo as the best Mewtwo to exist until the introduction of mega evolutions. The rarity of the catch was also acknowledged by FBlagentwantslove, who attempted to calculate the odds, stating that it is a 1 in 1000 chance for a Shundo and that the shiny odds are unknown. Another user, rexsilex, estimated the odds to be approximately 1 in 60,000 raids, factoring in some raids having lower Combat Power (CP).

Guide for Shadow Mewtwo Raid

For trainers who are facing difficulties in completing the Shadow Mewtwo Raid, a comprehensive guide on the best counters and weaknesses to utilize in battle is available. This guide aims to assist players in overcoming the challenges posed by the Shadow Mewtwo Raid and increasing their chances of a successful encounter.

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The astounding achievement of capturing a Shiny Shundo Mewtwo from a Shadow Raid has left the Pokemon Go community in awe. The rarity of both a Shiny Pokemon and a perfect IV score

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