Riverdale: The Last Good Season

Riverdale, a popular TV series, has been a topic of discussion across platforms since its debut in 2017. However, most discussions are negative, ridiculing everything from the acting, writing, and storylines. While some negativity is warranted, as the show has gone off the deep end on more than one occasion, it should be noted that the show hasn’t always been bad. In this article, we will examine the second season of Riverdale, which was the last good season of the show.

Season 2 Did So Much Right

Season one was the show’s best season, short, sweet, and complete. The mystery of Jason Blossom had viewers on their toes from start to finish, with a twisted, sinister conclusion that viewers couldn’t have seen coming. Season 2 once again shook up the town of Riverdale, this time by way of a masked murderer, The Black Hood. The Black Hood storyline was a twisted conclusion to the mystery and unexpected, but brilliant at the same time. Going back to Season 1, we saw that Betty had a dark side, and Hal’s murderous alter ego gave that side of her rhyme and reason.

The Coopers

It wasn’t just The Black Hood storyline that we followed in Season 2; there was another major plot line that remains one of the series best, and once again the Coopers are right in the middle of it. Alice Cooper revealed to Betty that she had gotten pregnant as a teenager and that she had given the baby up for adoption at The Sisters of Quiet Mercy. The baby was not Hal’s, though we wouldn’t find out until later in the season that it was the secret love child of Alice and FP Jones. We followed Betty and Alice as they sought out Chic, and watched as Betty grew increasingly suspicious of her new brother, and Alice became blinded by guilt and a motivation to build a relationship with him now. Chic’s shady past (and the fact that he was revealed to be an imposter) led to the Coopers becoming wrapped up in some shady dealings of their own, and having to seek out FP’s help in hiding a dead body.

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Riverdale’s Longer Seasons

Season 2 was also the start of Riverdale’s longer seasons, as Season 1 only had a 13-episode run. Season 2 got an extension to 22 episodes, which allowed it to have a much more-drawn out mystery, as well as more character and world-building. Even though it got a longer season, it felt just as concise and thought out as the previous season. It was also the first season to introduce the infamous Riverdale musical episode, which is quite a touchy subject among fans of the show.

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After Season 2, the show lost its way. It tried to keep up with what made it popular in the first place but lost sight of its original storylines and direction. For fans of Riverdale, Season 2 was the last great season that had a good balance of mystery, intrigue, and interesting storylines.

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