Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Hypnotic’: Where to Watch, and Plot Details

Robert Rodriguez’s new movie, Hypnotic, is an upcoming detective thriller that stars Ben Affleck. The film is described as “a Hitchcock thriller on steroids” and is set to debut on May 11th, 2023, in theaters across the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. The film has a wide release schedule in other countries, including Iceland on May 24th, the United Kingdom and Ireland on May 26th, Turkey on June 2nd, Hungary on June 8th, and Russia on July 6th.

Where to Watch Hypnotic?

Hypnotic will be premiering exclusively in theaters and will not be available on any streaming platforms. Fans need to find a theater near them that is playing the film if they hope to watch it.

Plot Synopsis

The film follows Danny Rourke, a detective played by Ben Affleck, who is obsessed with finding his missing daughter. His search leads him to Dellrayne, a mysterious man who has the ability to hypnotize people to do his bidding. Rourke becomes determined to track down Dellrayne and discover what he knows.

Trailer Release

The trailer for Hypnotic was released on April 3rd, 2023, by Ketchup Entertainment. The trailer takes the audience into a mind-bending noir thriller where Rourke is trying to find his daughter. It shows how Rourke finds a lockbox with a Polaroid of his daughter that Dellrayne allegedly placed there. The trailer gives the audience a glimpse of the dangerous and mysterious world of the film.

Streaming and DVD/Blu-ray Release

As Hypnotic is an independent project with no major distributor, it is difficult to say which streaming platform will become its home once its theatrical run concludes. It usually takes about ninety days for blockbusters to come to streaming after a theatrical release, but since Hypnotic is a smaller independent production, it may come to streaming sooner than that. Hypnotic will be available to purchase on DVD and Blu-ray close to the film’s arrival on streaming. The movie will also be available to rent or buy via Video on Demand around the same timeframe.

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More Robert Rodriguez Movies

If you want to see other engaging action films from Robert Rodriguez’s prolific filmography, check out From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) or the Spy Kids franchise.

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Robert Rodriguez’s new movie, Hypnotic, is set to release in theaters on May 11th, 2023, and will feature Ben Affleck in the lead role of a detective searching for his missing daughter. The movie promises to be a thrilling combination of Hitchcockian suspense and mind-bending action, and audiences around the world can check local listings to find showtimes.

As an independent project, it is unclear when Hypnotic will be available on streaming services, but it is likely to be released on DVD and Blu-ray around the same time. Fans of Rodriguez’s work can also check out his other action films, such as From Dusk Till Dawn, available to watch now.

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