Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Game Broken by Mount Bug

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a game that has been receiving critical acclaim and performing well in terms of business. However, content creator Joseph Anderson discovered a bug that can all but shatter the gaming experience.


Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has been praised for its evolution from the previous Fallen Order game. However, it has not been without its fair share of setbacks, including critical performance issues on both PC and console and an assortment of bugs. Developers at Respawn Entertainment have been releasing rapid updates to address these issues, even acknowledging certain exploits directly in-game for those trying to break the intended experience.

Unique Mounts in Survivor

One of the new features in Survivor are a number of unique mounts that can help players explore the game’s larger open areas more efficiently than on foot. However, their placement around various planets is intentional, and there are certain locations where they are not supposed to be.

Mount Bug Discovered

Content creator Joseph Anderson attempted to break the game by luring a mount inside the Mantis, the player’s main method of transportation between planets in the game. This resulted in a hilarious sequence where the world all but fell apart.

Bug Sequence

Upon guiding a mount up the entrance ramp and directly inside the Mantis, Anderson was overjoyed. However, when he charted a course for the Shattered Moon, things quickly fell apart. Cal Kestis and his trusty mount clipped through the ship and fell to the ground. Although they respawned on Koboh, they were left behind as Greez piloted the Mantis out into orbit. The game changed colors, a giant ball of light pushed into the distance, and before long, Koboh vanished. Rather than respawning on the ship at a new location, the game simply froze on a black screen and forced a full restart.

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While this bug is clearly not intended, it is out in the wild, and a bug fix is expected to come soon. The unique mounts in Survivor are a great addition to the game, but players should be careful where they take them.

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