Street Fighter 6 World Tour: Understanding Difficulty Levels and Progression

Street Fighter 6 World Tour introduces a fully-fledged RPG game mode, offering an immersive experience for players. As they progress through the game, they may encounter challenging enemies, leading them to search for a difficulty slider to adjust the game’s challenge. In this article, we will explore the difficulty levels in Street Fighter 6 World Tour, emphasizing the importance of learning from mistakes and how to overcome challenges effectively.

The Absence of a Difficulty Slider

Unlike many modern-day games, Street Fighter 6 World Tour does not feature a difficulty slider. Similar to Dark Souls, the game requires players to confront and adapt to every challenge presented to them from the beginning. The emphasis lies on embracing the game’s mechanics and learning from experience.

Balancing the Early Game:

While the absence of a difficulty slider may sound daunting, players need not worry about getting stuck in the early stages of World Tour. The initial parts of the game are designed to be relatively easy, allowing players to progress smoothly. Although a few bosses may pose a challenge, players can overcome them by strengthening their bond with their master and acquiring their full skillset.

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The Challenge of the Late Game:

As players advance further into the game, the difficulty level increases, and enemies become more formidable. Around Chapter 12 and beyond, players may encounter significant challenges. However, there are two effective approaches to overcoming these difficulties.

Persistence and Mastery:

One approach involves perseverance, where players attempt a challenge multiple times until they achieve success. By learning from each attempt, players can refine their strategies and eventually triumph over formidable foes.

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Over-Leveling Strategy:

Another approach is to over-level, ensuring that players are at least 10 levels above their enemies. Leveling up significantly influences the outcome of battles in Street Fighter 6 World Tour. Therefore, players should invest time in grinding for levels and obtaining better gear before taking on the more demanding content in the game.


Street Fighter 6 World Tour offers a unique gaming experience with its absence of a difficulty slider. Players must embrace challenges, learn from mistakes, and adapt their strategies to progress effectively. The early game provides a gentle learning curve, while the late game poses more formidable obstacles. By persevering and over-leveling when necessary, players can conquer even the most challenging encounters. If you found this guide informative, be sure to explore our other guides at Dexerto.

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