Who Is Yoshi Obayashi? Age, bio, Instagram explored

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Who Is Yoshi Obayashi?

Currently, Yoshi Obayashi’s Wikipedia is being largely searched and is a topic of interest for many. The comedian has won the hearts of many through his comedy performances and many other entertaining works. In this article, we are going to dig deep to know the age and Wikipedia details about the same. According to our relevant sources, Yoshi Obayashi is an American standup comedian hailing from California, Los Angeles. He has worked for the illustrious and controversial Evil Angel Productions and he has since produced more than 800 tiles. Furthermore, the comedian has also collaborated with Hall of Fame directors Christoph Clark, John Leslie, Joey Silvera, Rocco Siffredi, and John Stagliano during his career.

In addition, Yoshi has also worked on Dave’s Old Porn for Showtime for two seasons and has cast and found talent for shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Man Show. At the moment, his followers have been curious about Yoshi Obayashi Wikipedia and his age which will be known in this article. As many anticipated his age as well, so there cannot be found an official page for Yoshi Obayashi Wikipedia till this time. However, his information can be received from several other online sources. As Yoshi’s date of birth is not revealed anywhere online or offline, hence his age cannot be determined. Though, Obayashi went to a local school in his hometown for his primary education. Later, he attended Torrance High School for his further education. Furthermore, he went to Evergreen State High School for his graduation degree after completing high school.

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Later, after his graduation, Yoshi commenced working as a DVD producer in the adult entertainment industry in Seattle and worked for four years. Similarly, he has opened up for notables like Dave Attell, Russell Peters, Jim Nortan, and Pablo Francisco, apart from being a stand-up comedian. Among other shows, the comedian has been featured on NBC’s Last Comic Standing and Showtime’s Comics without Borders. Reportedly, Yoshi Obayashi seems to enjoy keeping his life private from the eyes of the media. Therefore, he has kept his family details private. However, it was believed that even though Yoshi’s parents are away from the media, they are known to be his biggest supporter and motivator.

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