Zack Snyder Reveals Insights into Infamous Scene in Batman v Superman

Director Zack Snyder recently spoke about the controversial scene in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice involving The Flash and Lois Lane. He also confirmed a long-standing theory about the character.

Polarizing Scene in Batman v Superman

The film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice divided fans with its “heavily layered” vision and head-scratching scenes. One of the most polarizing scenes in the movie was the Knightmare sequence where Superman falls victim to the Anti-Life Equation. Another scene involves The Flash warning Bruce Wayne about “him” and the future.

Snyder Discusses the Scene with Batman and The Flash

During a recent SnyderCon Q&A, Snyder explained that the scene would have been developed further along the SnyderVerse timeline. In the scene, Bruce Wayne awakes from a dream and sees Barry Allen in front of him. The Flash tells him that Lois Lane is the key and warns him about “him”. Snyder revealed that the scene is crucial to understanding the plot.

Insight into the Planned Future of Justice League

Snyder also explained that Bruce and Lois Lane would have had a relationship after Superman’s death, and Lois would have become pregnant with his child. This storyline is a key element of the scene between Bruce and The Flash.

In a planned Justice League sequel, The Flash would have gone back in time, and Bruce would have warned him about the correct window to jump through. The Flash would have told Bruce that Lois Lane’s child was his, convincing Bruce that he was from the future.

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Zack Snyder’s revelations shed light on a scene that confused fans and sparked discussion. The scene’s importance lies in the future of the SnyderVerse. With Snyder’s version of Justice League released, fans have a better understanding of the director’s vision for the DC Universe.

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